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  1. I'm Here
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W & M S.L.Rapp ELOHIM MUSIC PTLE 5/21/2012

1. So many times I’ve been down this winding road.
Those loneliness signs, I feel their heavy load.
Now loneliness is knocking, don’t want to greet the call.
Desperate now to find, is there any one to care at all? (to chorus)

Hear these words today, no you’re not alone.
We share this time together, with Jesus the Cornerstone.
He says, come to Me My child, I know what you’ve been through.
I know what you’re feeling, I’ve been lonely too.
I’ve seen your broken heart, no need to shed a tear.
Come rest and find My Peace, and know that I AM here. (2nd time to outro)

I’m here; I’m here, for you My Child I’m here.

2. Moving past emotions, that cloud the way I feel.
Believing words of Truth, and the One I know Who’s real.
There’s a method to the madness, and the loneliness I face.
Don’t need to wrestle demons, since God is in this Place. (to chorus)