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  1. Guilty of Love
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GUILTY of LOVE (Lyrics)

d=116 4 / 4

1. Day and night the hands of time move on.
Before you know it life has come and gone.
Each passing day reveals to me a new discovery.
Your Mercy and compassion speak and I see Your Majesty.

2. Filtered light now shines into my eyes.
Reaching past the mask of my disguise.
I want to make a change today, but time has slipped away.
Now Your Mercy and Compassion speak, just like yesterday. (To Chorus)

3. Lookin’ past myself, and who I think I am.
One day they’ll be together, both the lion and the lamb.
Though the universe is vast, as the sky is up above.
Your Mercy and Compassion speak, through the mantle of Your Love.
(To Instrumental Lead Break to Bridge)


You are, guilty of Love in the first degree.
Changing my heart, that’s Your specialty.
Lord You know the way I am isn’t hard for You to see.
Though others try to fill the void, You’re the only Nominee.
( 1st Time to Vrs 2) (2nd Time to Outro)


Though others try to fill the void, oh others try to fill the void,
Jesus, You’re the only Nominee.


Beginning and the end now the vision’s clear to me.
The reason why You care so much and Your Work upon that tree. (To Chorus)