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  1. Celebrate
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Words - SLRapp, Music - SLRapp (Elohim Music) & Mike Pipes, TGBTG 7/19/2013
“What Does Hosanna Mean?” ‘Save us! Please!

1. People of the lord, it’s time to lift your hands.
Open up the gates of praise, all across these lands.
Raise your voices “give a shout”, let the praises ring.
Hosanna to the King of Kings, rejoice with praise and sing. (to chorus)

Celebrate, the presence of the Lord.
Exalt His Name, together in one accord.
Welcome His Amazing Grace; lift your hands and sing. (3rd time to outro)
Celebrate, celebrate; Hosanna Jesus King. (1st time verse 2; 2nd time bridge)

2. What’s that sound I hear, so loud and oh so clear?
Redeemed of the Lord “we shout”, praise Jesus; He is here.
Jesus Shepherd King, you chose us for Your Flock.
Hosanna Lord we celebrate, Jesus You’re the Rock. (to chorus)

Bridge: (cut time)
Celebrate, celebrate, the presence of the Lord
(echo) celebrate, (echo) celebrate,
Celebrate, celebrate, together in one accord.
(echo) celebrate, (echo) celebrate,
Hosanna Lord our praises ring, faithful Redeemer Sovereign King.
Jesus you make all things new, we lift our hands, we worship You. (to chorus)

/:Clebrate, celebrate:/ (x3), Hosanna Jesus King.