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  1. Get Up, Get Down
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Get up, Get Down
Words S.Rapp Elohim Music 4/23/2015 TGBTG
Music M.Pipes, H.Manuputy, S.Rapp TGBTG

1. Last flight to nowhere, oh what will this day bring?
These burdens seem so heavy, while my heart yearns to sing.
Passing through the clouds, on angel’s wings I soar.
I’m searching for the Living Truth, not a useless metaphor.
Get up, get down, He’s everywhere He’s all around.
Look up, look down, and let His Holy Spirit resound.
Look up, look down; I’m over, the common place.
Get up, get down, it’s all about God’s Amazing Grace.
2. Look no further end the search; I know Who’s the One.
Mighty and Anointed Priest, Jesus God’s own Son.
Scripture says it all; He’s not just the latest craze.
He’s everything I seek; Jesus the Ancient of Days.
There’s more to life, than meets the eye.
Sayin’ hello, and then good-bye.
Through space and time, He’ll make my day.
God’s precious Gift, Jesus the only Way.