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Jesus Take the Reins
Words & Music S.L. Rapp; Arrangement Mike Pipes PTLE -10/06/2015

4 on the Floor Now this is country.
1. Cowboys always, seem to know their way.
Though the trail gets dusty, they seldom ever stray.
Could it be that special bond with the animal they ride?
Or maybe they’ve decided, simply to abide.
Jesus take the reins, this trail is, oh so long.
Jesus You know right, right where I belong.
At times I feel so lonesome, out there on my own.
But the trail it ain’t empty, with You I’m not alone.
2. Adversity sometimes, sometimes shouts so loud.
But cowboys who ride this trail, follow the creed they’ve vowed.
They’ve got a sense of longing, to know where they belong.
To them it’s all the same you see, they just tag-along.
Blazing sun, the dust gets in my eyes.
I can’t stop now, I can’t compromise.
There’s a river up ahead for my animal and me.
Wait; there’s a crowd of people too, looks like a jamboree.
Jesus take the reins; Jesus take the reins.
Jesus take the reins; Jesus take the reins. Take the reins.