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You're the One

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You’re the One
Words & Music S.Rapp – Elohim Music PTLE 12/20/2015 (Ps. 37:4; 1 Peter 2:5)

1. Answer the call of God, you’re on a mission don’t ya know?
Call it your faith in action, come on and follow Jesus and go.
There’s a yearning deep inside of you; that desire of your heart.
It’s the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, not an i-Phone; star chart.
You’re the one that God has chosen; you’re the one with breaking news.
There’s darkness and there’s light, you’re the light He’s chosen to use.
(syncopated drum part)
Wake up the Spirit of God in you. There’s a work He’s calling you to.
Wake up the Spirit of God in you. Time to meet for the Rendezvous.
(straight time)
You’re a priest in His temple, you’re a living stone.
A vessel of honor for God, for God alone.
2. You’ve got a gift to share, God’s the reason why.
He’s asking of your heart of hearts, ‘Won’t you give ‘Me’ a try’?
I’m Creator of every universe but I hold you in My Hand.
I’m the Holy Spirit in your life, one day you’ll understand.
BRIDGE: (Cut time)
You’re the one, worth the ransom of my Son.
You’re the one, says the Holy Three in One.
I’m making your life a tapestry; just one thread at a time.
You’re my tapestry of hope revealed. My beloved you are Mine.
You’re the one, for God alone. You’re the one, for God alone. You’re the one.