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  1. Tapestry


Words S.Rapp Elohim Music;
Music D.Cantrell, H.Manuputy, M.Pipes, S.Rapp 8/11/2016 PTLE

1. Life is such a mystery, can’t seem to find my way.
Adversity is watching me in hopes that I won’t pray.
My first resource now is prayer, not my last resort.
The mystery unfolds each day; I’m a tapestry in short.
2. A tug on the thread; a pulling left and right.
There must be a reason; the thread is pulled so tight.
I wonder why things happen, happen the way they do.
I must admit I’m clueless Lord. Can that tug be from You?
Tapestry, oh tapestry; what I see are knots and tangles.
While this life in front of me, is viewed from different angles.
Tapestry, oh tapestry; my view is single-track.
God’s tapestry of beauty shown, by His work done on the back.
3. Geographical oddity can’t get there from here.
Hidden is the beauty when only tangled knots appear.
I’ve barely scratched the surface of how it might look to me.
As God creates the tapestry, to Him no mystery.
Tapestry my life oh Lord; I need Your point of view.
Tapestry my life oh Lord; I put my trust in You.
Quiet my heart and quiet my soul, to find Your peace be still.
Your Word reveals the final truth, Your Word it is Your will.