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  1. Feel the Power


Feel the Power
Words SL Rapp – Elohim Music PTLE;
Music M Pipes, D Cantrell & H Manuputy 6/19/11 – 7/26/16

1. It’s a war out there called total survival.
Deep in my soul there’s a Spirit revival.
Keeping it real with God today. Following Jesus, He’s the Doorway.
Going to war I’ll follow the King. Liftin’ my voice to let His Praises ring.
The enemy’s movin’ he’s on the run. I proclaim the victory with God the Son.
I can, feel the Power; the Power of God runnin’ through my veins.
I can, feel the Power. I’m marchin’ on with no refrains. (no holdin’ back)
Step by step I shout the victory cry. If I want to live I have to die.
Given the odds I know I’ll win. The Blood of Jesus conquers sin.
2. Oh, the best is yet to come. You know where I’m comin’ from.
Peace be still I’ve heard that before.
Though the battle is raging there’s Peace galore.
Feel the Power. I’m on the Winning Side.
Feel the Power. In Christ I will abide.
Feel the Power. I yield to God alone.
Feel the Power. Only Christ’s Blood can Atone.
Feel the Power. Volts and amps both off the scale.
Feel the Power. God’s in charge His Love can’t fail.
I can feel the Power; feel the Power; I can feel the Power;
Feel the Power; the Power of God.