W & M S.L.Rapp ELOHIM MUSIC 4/7/2013 PTLE

1. Can you feel the wind, blowing in the air?
His second time around, there’s talk about it everywhere.
There’s a new day beginning and it’s coming our way.
Jesus is returning, could it be today? (to chorus)

2. The revelation’s clear, read it in the Final Book.
Departure time is running close, gota take a second look.
His kingdom come, His will be done.
Both heaven and earth they know, the sequence has begun. (lead break like verse, to bridge)

New day in the making, hear the trumpet sound.
New day in the making, His second time around.
Voices of the redeemed, the Church its anthem rings.
He’s coming for his Bride the Church,
Jesus Lord of Lords; and King of Kings. (1st time vrs 2, 2nd time outro echo vamp)
(2nd time only) (king of kings – ‘echo’ – lord of lords x 4) Bridge (cut time)

Eternity’s forever, that’s a long-long time.
Ain’t no trick, no sleight of hand; it ani’t no pantomime. (common time)
Give yourself a break and see, believe His promise taday.
Begin the process, start the journey, Jesus is the Way! (to chorus)

MUSIC M. Pipes, H.Manuputy; WORDS SL Rapp - ELOHIM MUSIC PTLE 08/20/11 MATT 7:14

1. All roads lead to heaven, nothing farther from the truth.
No need for a detective, no need to call a sleuth.
Jesus called it ‘the narrow road’, chosen by only a few.
The road that leads to God the Father, Jesus the road that’s true. And it’s a (to chorus)

2. Mapquest, google, GPS, they can’t lead you home.
Lookin’ for eternal peace, to that I say ‘Shalom’!
Climb aboard leavin’ soon, Jesus paid for this load.
Heaven bound to the Father’s House, via the Narrow Road. And it’s a (to chorus)

Highway to heaven, only one lane goin’ through.
Here’s the part where you can choose, eternal life or barbeque. (last time outro)
Though the road ahead ‘aint easy, God will give you grace.
On the Narrow Road with Jesus, to the Father’s heavenly place.
(1st time vrs 2; 2nd time bridge/lead inst. break to chorus)
Bridge ( reggae rhythm – feel “em – d” 12 measures )
Highway to heaven, don’t wanta miss the view.
Highway to heaven, the Narrow Road is true. (to chorus)

Highway to heaven, don’t wanta miss the view.
Highway to heaven, the Narrow Road is true.