Our Story & We're stickin' to it!!!

The Rapaputy Band is a contemporary Christian Rock group that combines years of musical experience and tremendous talent to create God inspired music that will please listeners of all ages. Home base for TRB is Greenwood Indiana just South of Indianapolis Indiana. 

The Rapaputy Band
The Rapaputy Band is the combined forces of Steve Rapp and Herbie Manuputy. As Contemporary Christian Music artists, they have been playing and writing Christian music most of their lives. Starting their music careers early in life, they've played in secular bands, Christian bands and worship teams. Herbie's playing lead guitar with the late Larry Norman has added to their special mix of musical experience. From LA, Memphis to the Midwest, their style of original Christian Contemporary Rock songs has been in the making since 2002. That's when Steve and Herbie began on this musical journey as God taught them the songs, yielding the band's first CD, Isn't it Time. Playing in local coffee houses and Church worship services, they ministered together as God continued to add new, original songs to their repertoire. The duo teamed up again in 2009 to release the band's second CD, Let ME be the One. They got a call from Tate Music Group in late 2010 and went to the TMG studios in Mustang, OK, where they laid down tracks for their, Willow Tree project released in September 2011. TRB was joined by, Mike Pipes and Dean Cantrell in May of 2014 to begin work on the bands 4th CD project, New Day in the Making with planned release date in June or July of 2015. TRB anticipates start of their 5th CD project to be recorded at TMG mid 2016 as God teaches them the songs in preparation for this New Day in the Making. 

TRB Band Member Bios:

Steve Rapp - Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Seven West Studios Photo Shoot
Steve Rapp began his percussion experience in 1964, Columbus Ohio, playing a Gretsch pearl snare drum provided by his Mom and Dad. That’s when the silence was broken and never to return. Drums were his passion and the beat went on. Marching band and concert band caused him to develop the rudiments and techniques that have help to mold his present drumming style.
He played in and out of secular bands up until July of 1972 when he met an amazing Man who changed his life forever. That Man was Jesus Christ. Playing in a black Christian rock band in the ’70’s still laying down the groove his occupation in aviation moved him in 1979 to FedEx in Memphis Tennessee. There he played in local Christian groups and church praise bands for the glory of God. It was in the mid ’80’s that a praise bandleader, Charles Stephens, approached Steve about possibly learning to play guitar. A bit skeptical Steve agreed and was playing Amazing Grace after his first lesson thanks to his gifted instructor. Steve experienced God’s ‘Amazing’ ability and several months later a prophecy was to begin its fulfillment, songs from The Father God.
Steve continued to write music, play drums and guitar moving again in 1988 with his wife Kathy and two children to Indianapolis Indiana. While there, he again played in local groups and church praise bands also doing some studio work through the late ’90’s. It was also in the late ’90’s early ’2k’s that Steve and a very close Brother in Christ, Herbie Manuputy, decided to jam one night and six months later ‘The Rapaputy Band’ was born.
During this same period God called Steve into yet another Christian band, ‘Acts 29′, where he played locally and out of state at churches and coffee houses and began his first CD project with ‘Acts 29′ which was released in early ’01′. Late September of 2002, ‘The Rapaputy Band’s first project, ‘Isn’t it Time’ was released as he continued to play at Christian coffee houses in the Indy local area. Band member relocation dissolved ‘Acts 29′ in late ’06′ as Steve continued to minister in local church praise bands and write music as God moved in his life.
While ministering at ‘Solid Rock’ Church in mid ’08 Steve was encouraged by church members to compile some of his songs as a ministry tool. Praying about this idea Steve discovered that God was moving him to embark on yet another CD project and approached his longtime friend, Herbie Manuputy. God’s timing being perfect, studio time was scheduled for ‘The Rapaputy Band’ second project, ‘Let ME Be The ONE’ and was release in early ’09.
As the months rolled by Steve continued to play at local churches in the Indy area and one day TMG (Tate Music Group) heard some tracks by TRB from the ReverbNation web site that they really liked. TMG contacted Steve to talk about a recording contract with them in Mustang Oklahoma. Considering this opportunity in the early months of 2011 Steve sought the Lord’s leading. God began to pour songs into Steve’s heart and along with Herbie Manuputy his closest Brother in the Lord, the making of ‘Willow Tree’ started to take shape. December 2010 would find Steve recording TRB’s 3rd CD ‘Willow Tree’ which was released in September 2011.
The next two years would find Steve with the opportunity to take this project on the road. With the help of some very talented musicians Steve would be joined to begin playing music with these friends as they began playing at venues in the Indy local area. One of those places that TRB frequented was the original Cornerstone Coffee House in Greenwood Indiana.
Steve continued to play and minister during 2012 with TRB and local Indy Church Praise Bands as God continued to fill Steve’s heart with songs. Recording TRB's 4th CD project, 'New Day in the Making' at TMG releasing in May, 2014 found Steve ministering with TRB at various venues in the Mid West. Currently working on songs for TRB's 5th project is now in the works as TRB continues their journey seeking God's Will and the Leading of the Holy Spirit.

Herbie Manuputy- Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Harmony Vocals

Herbie began his musical career at a rather young age while he was in 3rd grade. He started to play trumpet at that time and played that instrument all through high school. While in high school he also picked up playing drums during band marching season. It was not till he graduated high school and a freshman in college that he picked up playing guitar. Actually playing guitar turned out to be just a hobby. Herbie had a fishing reel and a friend of his had an old no name brand guitar and he traded the fishing reel for the electric guitar. That opened up a whole new area of music for him.
Herbie first heard the classic “The Allman Brothers Band – Life at the Fillmore”. He was hooked and wanted to play guitar from that point on. After many years of honing his skills Herbie then played his fair share of garage bands in the LA area, improving his skills along the way.
Herbie was influenced by many guitar players, such as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Dwayne Allman, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Carlos Santana and one of his biggest influences later was Steve Lukather of TOTO.
In 1989 Herbie moved from LA to Memphis, TN where he played with local musicians and played with local artist Dave Nicar. It was there that he met the late Larry Norman and laid down lead guitar tracks on Larry Norman’s “A Moment In Time” project, while also joining Larry on various concerts through the years to follow.
Herbie later moved again in 1997 to Indianapolis, IN where he met Chicago based artist Lisa Weyerhaeuser & Indianapolis based Steve Rapp. Herbie played music with Lisa for over a year. During that same time, Herbie and Steve would jam together and record all their jam sessions eventually giving birth to the band now known as “The Rapaputy Band”. God opened another door of opportunity for Herbie with the band ‘Seven’ keeping him multitasking with both bands to this day.
Praise and worship bands are also one of Herbie’s passions and he continues to devote a fair share of his time to them.
Looking at the 2014 calendar Herbie joins TRB for their 4th CD project with TMG (Tate Music Group). To God be the Glory.

Dean Cantrell- Keys

Dean Cantrell, at the early age of 5, began his passion for music. Encouraged by his parents, he and his siblings were given opportunities to study music. Piano, violin and cello practice were a part of everyone’s daily activity. As PKs (Preachers Kids), Dean, his brothers and sister were encouraged to play during services as accompaniment for Hymns to the Lord.
Shortly after Dean was Honorably Discharged from the military he picked up the guitar and began playing music with one of his brothers. After learning a few chords Dean dedicated himself to only playing music for the Lord of his life, Jesus the Christ.
For the Glory of God, the next twenty years would find Dean’s wife Sherry and their children singing along as God crafted Dean’s musical talent on guitar. Those twenty years also found Dean’s musical forte as he played in the Praise Band at Faith Community Church. Recording on The Rapaputy Band's 4th CD, New Day in the Making in May of 2014 was an experience that allowed Dean to spread his wings once again. Currently working on TRB's 5th CD project, Dean gives Glory to God never forgetting to lift up the Name of Jesus while playing and making beautiful music to the Lord. 


Mike Pipes – Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Mike Pipes had an early interest in music and sung his first solo in church at age 8. At age 12, while at a Boy Scout camp, he witnessed a young man singing and playing the electric guitar and it was at that moment that Mike’s lifelong love for guitar began. That Christmas, his parents bought him a Sears Silvertone electric guitar and, after a few lessons and the introduction to a few chords, Mike soon formed rock and roll bands that gigged all through high school and college.
As a senior at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Mike was faced with deciding upon a career path. He chose playing music for a living post-graduation and joined a popular local group called “The Bodacious Band”. This band developed a large regional following and was highlighted by winning a local radio station album contest. This was followed by recording sessions, television spots, regular airplay and interviews on several local radio stations and concerts with as many as 20,000 people in attendance. However, the big break never came and Mike once again was faced with making a career choice, one which would this time involve making use of his business degree. Although no longer playing music for a living, he still was actively playing in weekend warrior rock bands.
In 1992, after feeling like something was missing in his life, a co-worker witnessed to Mike and bowing his head Mike asked Jesus Christ to come into his heart and life. During this time, Contemporary Christian rock music was still in its infancy and Mike wondered if he had seen the end of his playing in rock and roll bands, which he still very much enjoyed. But God was good and had a purpose for Mike. Not only was he able to serve in the Praise Band, that just happened to start up his church, he was also asked to join a local Christian rock artist by the name of Craig Watson. Craig Watson & U4EA still to this day enjoy a successful music ministry outreach in the Indianapolis area. Also having become adept at the bass guitar, God directed Mike toward other local Christian groups who had need for a bass player. Through the introduction by a mutual friend, Mike began a musical and personal relationship with Steve Rapp and Herbie Manuputy, who were expanding their project to include a keyboard player, drummer, vocalist, and bass player. Recording with TRB at the TMG studios in Oklahoma in May of 2014 Mike laid down bass and vocals tracks for the bands 4th CD project, 'New Day in the Making'. Currently Mike is in work on the bands 5th CD project with expectation of recording in mid 2016 at TMG (Tate Music Group) Mustang Oklahoma. God continues to work in Mike’s life and he is excited to see how God will use “The Rapaputy Band” for His purpose as they press forward with God’s leading giving Glory and Honor to Jesus and the Father who do all things well.

Pam Walton – Harmony Vocals (Picture & Bio to come)